Releasing three children from Silwan
February 27, 2016

The occupation police released three children from Silwan after interrogating them for several hours on charges of throwing stones towards the settlers’ vehicle. Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the police released 13-year old Mohammad Wisam Yaccoub Shweiki, 10-year old Abdullah Yaccoub Shweiki and 10-year old Mohammad Hussam Yaccoub Shweiki. The lawyer added that Amir and Mohammad Hussam were released unconditionally (under the age of responsibility) while Mohammad Wisam Shweiki was released with a third-party bail and house arrest for 5 days. Wisam Shweiki explained that the occupation police attacked the children while they were in the Abbasyeh neighborhood in Silwan and only meters away from their homes. They arrested the children and transferred them to Salah Eddin Street police station; the family found out about the arrest through neighbors who witnessed it. Shweiki added that the children were interrogated for 7 hours and the interrogators made sure to psychologically pressure them during the interrogation to extract confessions to the charges against them as they questioned the children and kept asking the same questions over and over again in addition to threatening them and yelling at them; they were also pushed by the interrogators. Shweiki said: “The children lived a psychological war during the interrogation which lasted for 7 hours. We were present inside the room with them but were not allowed to interfere or talk with our children who were interrogated in separate rooms.”