30 people participate in the funeral of Mus’ab Ghazali and his sister was prohibited from seeing him for one last time
March 1, 2016

The 26-year old Martyr Mus’ab Ghazali was buried after Sunday midnight in Lions’ Gate Cemetery after the Israeli authorities released his body to his family amid strict Israeli procedures in the city. Lions’ Gate Cemetery- a military camp The occupation turned Lions’ Gate Cemetery into a military camp and placed red tape and iron barriers in the roads leading to the cemetery. Thirty people from the Martyr’s family (26 men and 4 women) were allowed to enter the cemetery and participate in the funeral; the family had submitted a list to the occupation authorities containing the names of family members who will participate in the funeral. Participants were precisely searched before entering the cemetery and were prevented from taking their cell phones and keys with them. The intelligence also detained the cell phone of lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud who accompanied the family in the releasing process and funeral. Before the handover, the forces carried out a searching operation in the cemetery and in between the graves concurrently when another unit ascended the Jerusalem Wall that overlooks the cemetery. The forces prevented press crews and paramedics from entering the cemetery or even being at its entrances and used force to keep them away. Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said that the Martyr’s body was like a block of ice. It was obvious that the body was detained in very low temperature; an agreement was made with the occupation authorities to remove the body from the refrigerator hours before releasing the body in order for the family to able to carry out the funeral procedures but they did not commit to the agreement. The lawyer added that the handover took place after Sunday midnight in the presence of 30 people only and amid strict Israeli procedures. Martyr’s mother The Martyr’s mother who was unable to talk only said: “Thank God. Today, I am relieved and him too…he was like an angel.” Martyr’s sister banned from entering the cemetery to take one last look The Martyr’s sister, Rawan, was prevented by the occupation forces from entering the cemetery to see her brother for the last time under the pretext that her name was not included in the list of people allowed to enter the cemetery and that it was impossible to allow 31 people enter the cemetery.   باب الاسباط باب الاسباط 2