Israeli forces fire tear gas at worshippers in Silwan protest tent
October 15, 2010

Tension returned to Silwan today, with violent clashes erupting in multiple neighborhoods after Israeli forces attacked worshippers in a protest tent in the al-Bustan region of Silwan. Eyewitnesses confirm that Israeli soldiers fired tear gas heavily and randomly at worshippers during the performance of their Friday prayers, resulting in injuries to worshippers, journalists, local committee members and activists, including one four-year-old girl.   Those injured include Fakhri Abu Diab of the Committee to Defend Al-Bustan Neighborhood, who was transferred to the hospital, Hatem Abdel Qader, responsible for the Jerusalem file, and journalists Nader Paypars and Mays Abu-Ghazaleh. Many members of the paramedics crews were also injured by the gas, including Thaer Abu Sabih.    It should be noted that yesterday Israeli police ordered Na'im Rwidy, the owner of the property upon which the protest tent is built, to demolish the tent before next Sunday, but he and local residents rejected the order and insisted on continuing their peaceful and legitimate protests to the Judaization of their village, the settlements, and the armed attacks which have left multiple residents wounded, martyred, or detained.