Pictures: Demolishing a clothing warehouse in Jerusalem
March 15, 2016

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Tuesday a warehouse in the area of Dahyet Al-Bareed north of Jerusalem under the pretext of building without a permit. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that occupation forces along with bulldozers raided the area of Dahyet Al-Bareed north of Jerusalem and surrounded a clothing warehouse owned by Shadi Matour (Deputy Secretary General of Fateh Movement in Jerusalem) and removed everything from inside to demolish it.

Fadi Matour, Shadi’s brother, explained that occupation bulldozers from “Bet El municipality” demolished a clothing warehouse for Walid Al-Hroub who is renting it from his brother Shadi.

Fadi added that municipality crews emptied the 300-square meters warehouse and started the demolition process without prior notice; the employees deliberately threw the contents of the warehouse carelessly.

Matour pointed out that the forces arrested his brother Shadi after assaulting him during the demolition process.