March 2016: Four Jerusalemite Martyrs…12 Martyrs’ bodies are still detained…arresting 148 Jerusalemites and demolishing 26 establishments
April 1, 2016

Wadi Hilweh Information Center issued his monthly report in which it monitored the Israeli violations in the city of Jerusalem during the month of March 2016 as the occupation authorities continued their assaults against Jerusalemites and their properties.

The center explained in the report that four Martyrs including one woman passed away during March while the Israeli authorities continue to detain the bodies of 12 Jerusalemites Martyrs.

The forces arrested 148 Jerusalemites in March while the occupation’s bulldozers demolished 26 establishments. Also, the authorities isolated 25 Jerusalemites from Al-Aqsa Mosque and deported three young Jerusalemite men from the city of Jerusalem for periods between 4-6 months; 13 people from the 1948 lands were banned from entering Jerusalem.

Four Martyrs in Jerusalem

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said in its monthly report that the occupation soldiers murdered four Jerusalemites including one woman in March.

Two Martyrs passed away on the 8th of March. They are: Fadwa Abu Ter (52) and Fouad Abu Rajab (21). Fadwa is from the village of Um Tuba and has five children. She was shot with three bullets in the head and abdominal while walking in Al-Wad Street in the Old City of Jerusalem. Fouad is from the village of Esawyeh and he was murdered inside the courtyard of the Jerusalem District Electric Company in Salah Eddin Street after engaging in an armed clash with the occupation soldiers.

On the 9th of March, two Martyrs passed away near New Gate –one of the Old City’s gates- during an armed clash with the occupation forces. They are: Mohammad Jamal Kaloti (21) and Abdel Malek Saleh Abu Khroub (19) from the neighborhood of Kufor Aqab north of Jerusalem.

Detaining the bodies of 12 Jerusalemite Martyrs

The occupation authorities continue to detain the bodies of 13 Jerusalemite Martyrs part of a collective punishment policy imposed on their families since the first moments of the Martyrdom of their sons. They are: Thaer Abu Ghazaleh (19), Hasan Khaled Manasra (15), Baha’ Mohammad Alayan (22), Ala’ Daoud Abu Jamal (32), Mutaz Ahmad Aweisat (16), Mohammad Abed Nimer (37), Abdel Muhsen Hassouneh (21), Mohammad Abu Khalaf (20), Fadwa Abu Ter (51), Fouad Abu Rajab (21), Mohammad Jamal Kaloti (21) and Abdel Malek Saleh Khroub (19). The Martyrs are from the Old City of Jerusalem, Jabal Al-Mukabber, Beit Hanina, Esawyeh, Kufor Aqab and Um Tuba.

Al-Aqsa Mosque

During March, nearly 960 settlers broke into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque through Dung Gate during the morning and afternoon break-in session and protected by Special Forces. Meanwhile, the occupation authorities continued to prevent a group of men and women from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque at all times after their names were put on a so-called “black list” which includes the names of 50-60 Palestinians mostly women; lists are continuously updated and distributed at Al-Aqsa gates.

Black lists were prepared in the last month of last August following an order from the Chief of Israeli police in the Old City of Jerusalem, Avi Baytoon, against women who create problems inside Al-Aqsa Mosque and causes serious damages as he claimed.

In preparation of the “Purim” Jewish holiday which was on the 24th and 25th of last March, the occupation authorities carried out a series of arrests on the holiday’s eve against Jerusalemite young men and children. After being interrogated for several hours, the detainees were released on condition of isolation from Al-Aqsa Mosque; some were deported from the Old City of Jerusalem.

The occupation authorities isolated 25 Palestinians from Al-Aqsa Mosque for periods between 10 days and 6 months. Among those isolated were three women and four minors. Also, 13 people from the 1948 lands that were banned from entering the city of Jerusalem for periods between 15 days and 6 months.

The occupation forces suppressed a march for those isolated from Al-Aqsa Mosque while walking in the streets of Jerusalem.

Arresting 148 Palestinians from Jerusalem

The occupation authorities continued their arrests in the city of Jerusalem and arrested 148 Palestinians from Jerusalem including 6 females, 55 minors (two under the age of responsibility- under 12 years old) and two girls. Also, 13 Palestinians aged between 45 and 67 years were among the detainees.

The forces also arrested two Jerusalemite students from Silwan after they had left their schools and were heading to their homes.

The geographical distribution of the detainees were as follows: Old City of Jerusalem (34), Esawyeh (23), Silwan (21), Al-Tur (10), Jabal Al-Mukabber (8), Beit Hanina (7), Kufor Aqab (6), Shu’fat refugee camp and Sur Baher (5 each), Wadi Al-Joz (3), Al-Sowaneh and Um Tuba (2 each), Shu’fat (1) and several arrests from Al-Aqsa courtyards and roads leading to it.

The Israeli Minister of Defense issued last month a decision to transfer a Jerusalemite child from the village of Esawyeh to administrative arrest for 4 months.

The occupation authorities isolated three young Jerusalemite men from the city of Jerusalem for periods between 4-6 months following an order from the military commander “Yoel Strick” according to the “defense law of emergency 1945” under the pretext of “maintaining security, safety and law of order”.


The occupation authorities increased their policy of demolishing home and sweeping lands in the city of Jerusalem and demolished 20 establishments in various neighborhoods in Jerusalem. They also demolished 6 establishments in the city of Bethlehem in execution of an order issued by the Israeli Ministry of Interior as the land falls within the municipality’s boundaries; three establishments were self-demolished.

The Information Center explained that the occupation bulldozers demolished 5 houses, 5 agricultural barracks, 6 rooms used for agriculture and storage, foundations of a residential building, residential building, a commercial establishment, an agricultural establishment, a container, two supporting walls, two private playgrounds and a chickens’ coop.

The geographical distribution of demolitions was as follows: Silwan (7), Bethlehem and Al-Tur (6 each), Al-Sowaneh (3), Jabal Al-Mukabber (2) and one establishment in each of Al-Dahyeh and Beit Hanina.

WHIC explained that most of the demolitions carried out last month were executed by the Nature and Parks authority. They demolished 12 establishments built on the lands of Al-Tur, Silwan and Al-Sowaneh. These lands are at risk of being confiscated favor of settlement projects especially the project of “National Parks” around the Old City of Jerusalem. The bulldozers deliberately swept the lands around the establishments during the demolitions; they also swept a land planted with trees and seedlings.

Collective punishment…

Part of the collective punishment imposed on Martyrs’ families and prisoners, the occupation intelligence informed the family of Martyr Fouad Abu Rajab that their “reunion” application was cancelled for all family members (father and 8 children aged between 2-19 years). The family had filed the application three years ago and had submitted all required documents and was in the final procedures; the Martyr’s mother holds an Israeli (blue) ID.

The “Social Security” organization also suspended the social security allowance of three Jerusalemite prisoners from the village of Sur Baher. They are: Mohammad Salah Abu Kaf (18), Walid Firas Al-Atrash (19) and Abed Mahmoud Dwayyat (20). They are accused of causing the killing of an Israeli settler after throwing stones towards his vehicle last September.

The occupation authorities raided Ras Al-Amoud Boys School twice during last month and terrified the students and obstructed the educational process.

The forces also raided the Jerusalem District Electric Company last month after the armed clash that broke out near the company which resulted in the Martyrdom of Fouad Abu Rajab. They damaged the company’s property and searched some rooms and also confiscated recordings of surveillance cameras.

The forces also raided Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan and took pictures of the “pictures” hung on the walls under the pretext of being “inciting”.

The 40-year old Ahmad Mohammad Bader was injured last month with several bruises after a group of settlers assaulted him in the “Bell’s Park” in West Jerusalem while he was on the job.