The Supreme Court ratifies the decision of “closing and confiscating” the house of prisoner Dwayyat and cancels the decision of confiscating the houses of three other prisoners
April 3, 2016

The Israeli Supreme Court ratified on Sunday night the decision of closing and confiscating the house of the Jerusalemite prisoner Abed Mahmoud Dwayyat in the village of Sur Baher and cancelled the decision to close the house of three other prisoners; they were all accused of causing the death of a settler after throwing stones at his vehicle.

Dwayyat family explained that the lawyer informed them of the court’s decision as the judges rejected the appeal submitted by the family against the order of closing and confiscating their house which was issued in February 2016 by the so-called “Commander of Internal Front” in the occupation’s army. Therefore, the court ratifies the order and gave the family 24 hours to evacuate their home.

The family of prisoner Dwayyat has been living in their home for dozens of years and described the decision as unjust especially that no final decision has been regarding their son’s case.

Cancelling the decision to demolish and confiscate the houses of three prisoners

Regarding prisoners Mohammad Salah Abu Kaf, Mohammad Jihad Tawil and Walid Firas Al-Atrash, the Supreme Court approved the appeal submitted by their families against the decision of closing and confiscating their homes. The court’s decision explained that the four prisoners were present in the area when stones were thrown towards the settler’s vehicle and helped each other but Dwayyat was the one who stood in the middle of the street and threw a stone towards the vehicle from close distance causing the death of the settler while the other three were throwing stones from a far distance.