Pictures: Sidawi family self-demolishes two rooms in its house
April 6, 2016

Shireen Sidawi was forced to self-demolish two rooms in her house in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem in execution of the municipality’s order.

Shireen explained that she added two rooms to her house three years ago (a living room and a bedroom for her children). Afterwards, the occupation municipality issued an order to demolish the twoo rooms under the pretext of building without a permit and the order was postponed several times until recently when a final order was issued.

Sidawi explained that one room was built from bricks and the other from wood. After the final order was issued, she was forced to self-demolish the wooden room on Tuesday and the other room on Wednesday morning to avoid paying demolition costs to the occupation municipality.

She added that the occupation bulldozer along with Israeli forces raided her house on Wednesday morning to execute the demolition but she was able to self-demolish it with the help of her family using hand tools. After the forces made sure the demolition operation started, they withdrew from the area.