Pictures: Four Jerusalemite children turn themselves-in to the occupation prisons
April 10, 2016

Four Jerusalemite children turned themselves-in to Al-Ramleh prison on Sunday to serve their prison sentences (between one and three years) after being under house-arrest for 9 months.

They are: 15-year old Murad Alqam who was sentenced for 36 months of actual imprisonment, 17-year old Mohammad Na’el Tayeh, 16-year old Zeid Ayed Tawil sentenced for 28 months and Yazan Hani Ayoub sentenced for 14 months; they are from the neighborhood of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem.

The four children were arrested in June 2015 and were released two weeks after on conditions of financial bails and open house-arrest. Last March, they were sentenced for actual imprisonment and some of them were subject to beating during the interrogation.

The four children along with 6 others were accused of throwing stones towards settlers’ vehicles and injuring two of them.