Settlers assault an elderly Jerusalemite and injure him with fractures
April 14, 2016

Settlers assaulted on Wednesday night an elderly Jerusalemite man while he was at work in West Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that a group of settlers attacked the 64-year old Zuheir Abu Khdeir while working in West Jerusalem- as explained by Daoud Abu Khdeir (Zuheir’s son).

Abu Khdeir explained that his father suffered fractures in his nose and bruises in the back of head as well as swelling under his eyes after being assaulted by a group of settlers.

Abu Khdeir added that he received a phone call from relatives informing him that a member of Abu Khdeir family had been assaulted. He immediately contacted his father’s supervisor who informed him that his father was injured and was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

Abu Khdeir added that his father received stitches in his nose and underwent necessary x-rays especially that he fainted during the assault and does not remember what happened; necessary check-ups were also conducted and he was released from the hospital on Thursday morning.