Silwan: The occupation arrests two young men and police deployment in the neighborhoods of the village
April 14, 2016

The occupation forces arrested two young men after Thursday midnight from the neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan after assaulting them while Israeli police were deployed in the neighborhoods of Ein Al-Lozeh and Bi’er Ayoub.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces arrested 23-year old Dia’ Baydoun and 23-year old Ibrahim Siam after assaulting and severely beating them when forces were deployed in the area.

Witnesses explained to the center that the forces fired sound grenades towards the two young men.

On the other hand, the occupation forces were deployed on Thursday night in the neighborhoods of Bi’er Ayoub and Ein Al-Lozeh in Silwan.

The center was also informed that occupation forces deployed in Ein Al-Lozeh established checkpoints, searched vehicles and randomly issued traffic tickets. Afterwards, they randomly fired sound grenades in Hosh Abu Tayeh in the neighborhood.

Also, young men threw Molotov Cocktails towards the settlers’ guards’ vehicle while passing in the area of Ein Al-Lozeh.