In memory of Prisoners' Day…509 Jerusalemite prisoners inside the occupation’s prisons
April 16, 2016

The Jerusalemites prisoners and detainees families committee said that 509 Jerusalemite prisoners are currently imprisoned in the occupation prisons including 10 females and 10 children under the age of responsibility (less than 14 years old) that are detained in Juvenile centers.

The committee’s statistics issued on the anniversary of the Palestinian Prisoner’s Day came as follows:

  • 10 children under the age of responsibility detained in Juvenile centers
  • 10 women; 3 of them married
  • Five minor girls under 18 years old
  • 118 children under the 18 years old
  • 8 prisoner who have been detained for more than 20 years
  • 53 prisoners serving sentences more than 25 years
  • The prisoner with the highest sentence is Wael Qasem who is serving 35 life sentences plus 50 years
  • Dean of Jerusalemite prisoners is Samir Abu Ni’meh; detained since 20/10/1986
  • Oldest Jerusalemite prisoner is 66-year old Mohammad Abu Ter; spent 33 years in the occupation’s prisons
  • Oldest Jerusalemite female prisoner is 50-year old Alia Abbasi from Silwan
  • Youngest Jerusalemite prisoner is 12-year old Mohammad Hoshyeh
  • Youngest Jerusalemite girl is 15-year old Manar Shweiki
  • 23 Jerusalemite prisoners under administrative arrest in which four of them are minors
  • 7 prisoners kidnapped after being releasing among the “Shalit” deal
  • 26 injured prisoners

The committee explained in its report that the occupation authorities arrested 1705 Jerusalem since 15/9/2015, among them:

  • 87 women
  • 22 minor - females
  • 595 minors- males
  • 76 minors under the age of 14
  • 35 elderly mostly arrested in the last few days
  • 890 young men

The committee added that the occupation released a large number of those detainees after they were subject to interrogation. Some of them were released on condition of house-arrest or isolation from the Old City of Jerusalem or Al-Aqsa Mosque; indictments were also issued against some of the detainees.