Pictures: Two Jerusalemites turn themselves-in to the occupation prisons
April 17, 2016

Two Jerusalemites turned themselves-in on Sunday to Al-Ramleh prison following an order by the occupation’s court after spending 9 months under house arrest.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that 16-year old Saleh Ashraf Ishtay and 14-year old Omar Rani Yassin turned themselves-in to Al-Ramleh prison after being under house-arrest for 9 months. The District judge had sentenced the Ishtay for three years and three months of actual imprisonment and Yassin for one year; he also ordered them to turn themselves-in on 17/4/2016.

Ishtay and Yassin are among 10 Jerusalemite children from the neighborhood of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem that were arrested last June. After two weeks of interrogation, they were released on condition of open house-arrest. During the past months, the children were deprived from their rights to education, movement and treatment. Along with their families, they suffered from almost daily raids on their houses by the Israeli intelligence personnel to make sure they were home.

It is noteworthy that six of the children had turned themselves-in on Friday and Sunday to Al-Ramleh prison last Sunday to serve their prison sentences.