An explosive device explodes inside “Egged” bus in West Jerusalem
April 18, 2016

Twenty one Israelis were injured due to a fire that broke out inside two “Egged” buses in “Moshe Bar’am” Street in West Jerusalem.

After fire broke out inside the two busses, there was a conflict in the Israeli stories about the cause of the blast whether it was a planned attacked or technical fault until the officer of the Jerusalem District, Yoram Haleive, said in a press conference: “An explosive device exploded inside the bus. We have to check where it came from, who placed it and how it reached the bus. We have a suspect who we think might have put it in the bus while sitting the back end of it; he is still unidentified.”

The spokeswoman of the occupation police, Luba Samri, said: “According to the investigations of explosives experts, the blast was due to an explosive device placed in the back end of the bus. It led to the injury of several passengers and to the breakout of fire inside the bus; fire also expanded to another bus and one private vehicle.”

She added that paramedics crews dealt with 21 injuries including two that were critical, seven intermediate and the rest were minor.

The Israeli police said that a fire broke out inside bus 12 and completely burned it after the blast and then expanded to another bus that was driving behind it; it also affected several private vehicles that were in the area.