Assaulting and beating four young Jerusalemite men in Eilat
April 22, 2016

The occupation soldiers assaulted four young Jerusalemite men after Thursday midnight near the entrance of the city Eilat after stopping their vehicle at the checkpoint established at the entrance of the city. After checking their IDs, they were taken inside a room and severely beaten.

They are: Nour Shalabi (18), Mohammad Dakkak (22), Anas Mazid (20) and Abdelkarim Natsheh (22).

The young men explained that the soldiers took them to a room near the checkpoint, strip-searched Dakkak and Shalabi and body-searched the others. While inside the room, four soldiers surrounded and assaulted them and also verbally insulted them. The soldiers said: “You throw stones in Jerusalem? Why are you here? What do you want to do?”

The young men then took Nour inside the room again and they were yelling. Suddenly, they threw Nour outside the room after he had lost consciousness. An ambulance was called and he was transferred to the hospital for treatment. The soldier claimed that Nour lost consciousness while being searched despite the clear marks of assault on his body.

The young men added that the soldiers pointed their guns towards them and threatened Shalabi to shoot him when he was inside the room with the soldiers.

The soldiers also precisely searched the vehicle and detained the young men for nearly two hours.