A new hearing session at the Supreme Court to discuss the releasing of Jerusalemites Martyrs’ bodies
April 24, 2016

The Israeli Supreme Court scheduled on Sunday a hearing session on the 5th of May to discuss the appeal submitted by the families of Jerusalemite Martyrs whose bodies are still detained by the occupation authorities requesting to set a date to release the bodies.

Al-Dameer organizations lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the Supreme Court decided to hold a hearing session on the 5th of May to discuss the appeal. During the session, the public prosecution will present their response about the reason of delaying the releasing process.

Lawyer Mahmoud explained that the Supreme Court held a session on the 18th of April to discuss the appeal. After hearing the lawyer’s claims as well as the prosecution’s claims, the judges asked the prosecution to submit a detailed explanation about the security reasons that prevented them from releasing the bodies despite being detained for a long time.

Lawyer Mahmoud confirmed during last session that the Israeli authorities released most of the Palestinian Martyrs’ bodies that were from the West Bank unconditionally. Despite detaining the first Jerusalemite Martyr almost half a year ago, the occupation intelligence is still delaying the releasing process of Jerusalemite Martyrs even though the police had made their decision to release the bodies at the end of last year. He also confirmed that the continuous delay is unjustified.

The occupation authorities are still detaining the bodies of 12 Jerusalemite Martyrs that passed away in the last few months.