The Martyrdom of a woman and a child after being shot by the occupation forces at Qalandia military checkpoint
April 27, 2016

Two Palestinians, a woman and a child, passed away on Wednesday after being shot at Qalandia military checkpoint north of the city of Jerusalem.

Witnesses explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the occupation forces opened fire towards the two Palestinians and critically injured them. They remained on the ground bleeding and were not provided with any medical treatment; they were later announced dead.

The occupation authorities published the ID of the female Martyr, 23-year old Maram Saleh Hasan Abu Ismaeel, and the police claimed in a statement that she went in the lane allocated for vehicles and was holding a knife in her hand. The soldiers also saw another person approaching her in the same lane so they opened fire towards both of them.

Witnesses explained that the young man tried to hold the hand of the female and was directly targeted by the soldiers.

The occupation authorities prevented the Red Crescent paramedics from approaching the area and providing the injured with medical treatment.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health later announced that the other Martyr was Maram’s brother, 16-year old Ibrahim Saleh Taha.