Pictures: Releasing the child Mohammad Tawil
April 27, 2016

The occupation forces arrested on Wednesday afternoon 9-year old Mohammad Tawfiq Tawil from the neighborhood of Al-Thori in Silwan.

Amjad Abu Asab, head of Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee, explained that the occupation forces arrested Mohammad Tawil from the neighborhood of Al-Thori and transferred him to the interrogation center in a police vehicle.

The child’s family explained that their son was arrested while being near his house under the pretext of throwing stones. He was taken to Salah Eddin Street police station in Jerusalem; the police allowed a neighbor to accompany the child in the police vehicle.

The family added that the child’s mother and uncle immediately followed Mohammad who was unconditionally released after an hour and a half from being detained; the police also interrogated his mother.