Life sentence and 20 years for the killer of the child Mohammad Abu Khdeir
May 3, 2016

The District Court sentenced on Tuesday night the killer of Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir for actual imprisonment.

Lawyer Mohannad Jbara, the lawyer of Abu Khdeir family, explained that the District Court’s commission sentenced Yousef Ben David (killer of Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir) for a life sentence and 20 years in prison after convicting him of kidnapping, burning and killing the child Abu Khdeir in addition to an attempt to kidnap the child Mousa Zalloum from the neighborhood of Beit Hanina and burning three Palestinians’ vehicles in the village of Sur Baher. The court also imposed on him a fine of 150 thousand NIS payable to the family of Abu Khdeir and 20 thousand NIS to Zalloum family; they also confiscated his vehicle which he used to commit his crime.

Jbara added that the first phase of legal procedure against the killer was completed today when he was sentenced while the second phase will be requesting the Minister of Internal Security to demolish the killer’s home, and the Minister of Interior to suspend his citizenship same like what happened to other Palestinians.

Jbara pointed out that the public prosecution requested during today’s session to sentence the killer for a life sentence for the crime of killing Abu Khdeir, 20 years for kidnapping him, 12 years for attempting to kidnap the child Zalloum and 3 years for burning Palestinians’ vehicles. After hearing both side (prosecution and the killer’s defense lawyer, the sentence of a life sentence and 20 years in prison was issued.

The District Court had sentenced the two relatives of Ben David last February; one received a life sentence and the other received 21 years in prison.

It is noteworthy that Ben David and his two relatives (minors) kidnapped the child Abu Khdeir from the neighborhood of Shu’fat in July 2014. They assaulted the victim and burned him alive causing his death.