Requesting to withdraw the nationalities and demolish the homes of the killers of Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir
May 13, 2016

The family of Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir sent a letter through their lawyer Mohannad Jbara to the Israeli Minister of Interior, Aryeh Deri, demanding him to withdraw the nationalities of the killers of Mohammad Abu Khdeir. Another letter was sent to the Minister of Security, Moshe Yaalon, demanding him to immediately work on the demolition of the killers’ houses.

Lawyer Jbara explained that the demands came after the Israeli District Court sentenced the main killer, Yousef Hayem Ben David, for a life sentence in addition to 20 years and one of the two minors was sentenced for a life sentence while the other received 21 years in prison.

Lawyer Jbara clearly explained in his letters to the Minister of Interior and Minister of Security that the conviction and sentence decisions issued against the killers of Martyr Abu Khdeir proved that the murder was based on an ideological perspective only because Abu Khdeir was a Palestinian Arab. This crime can only be classified as a terrorist act under article 1 (a) of the Israeli law to prevent the financing of terrorism in 2005 which authorizes the Minister of Interior and Minister of Security to immediately work on withdrawing the killers’ nationalities and demolishing their homes.

Lawyer Jbara also added that if the Ministers do not comply with the demands of Abu Khdeir family, they will head to the Israeli Supreme Court to obtain executive orders.