A series of arrests in Al-Tur and Al-Sowaneh: Arresting 45 Jerusalemites
June 1, 2016

The occupation forces carried out a series of arrests against dozens of Jerusalemites on Wednesday early morning after raiding their homes in the neighborhood of Al-Sowaneh and the village of Al-Tur east of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that most of the detainees were transferred for interrogation at Salah Eddin Street police station on suspicious of throwing stones. He pointed out that most of them were unconditionally released while other remained under interrogation.

The lawyer added that the police decided to transfer only 5 detainees to present them to the Magistrate Court while the others were released.

According to the lawyer and locals sources in Al-Sowaneh and Al-Tur, the detainees were:

  1. Mohammad Ibrahim Abu Ghannam (16)
  2. Abdullah Bassam Abu Ghannam (16)
  3. Mohammad Bassam Sayyad (33)
  4. Mohammad Emran Abulhawa
  5. Yousef Abu Jom’a (16)
  6. Kifah Yaser Abulhawa (20)
  7. Ra’fat Amjad Abu Jom’a (20)
  8. Amir Rabah Hadreh (20)
  9. Daoud Mousa Abulhawa (20)
  10. Ahmad Nabil Tamimi (19)
  11. Mohammad Akram Abulhawa
  12. Ali Mustafa Abulhawa
  13. Mahdi Ahmad Sayyad
  14. Mohammad Khader Abulhawa
  15. Ahmad Ihab Abu Sbitan
  16. Daoud Mohammad Abu Sbitan
  17. Amir Walid Bilbeisi (17)
  18. Mohammad Riyad Abu Lafi
  19. Mousa Jamil Qadamani
  20. Naeem Hadreh
  21. Sharif Abu Jom’a
  22. Hussam Bassam Sayyad
  23. Mohammad Maher Sbitani
  24. Adnan Mohammad Abulhawa (14)
  25. Mohammad Ali Abulhawa
  26. Daoud Abulhawa (13)
  27. Khalil Abulhawa
  28. Hashem Abulhawa
  29. Yousef Abu Dalu
  30. Mohammad Mughrabi
  31. Marwan Abulhawa
  32. Majdi Sayyad
  33. Shadi Khweis
  34. Mohammad Jousi
  35. Ihab Hadreh
  36. Wisam Abulhawa
  37. Jawad Abu Sbitan
  38. Usama Abu Ghannam
  39. Mouath Sayyad
  40. Muntaser Abulhawa
  41. Emran Sayyad
  42. Omar Abulhawa
  43. Majdi Abu Ghazaleh
  44. Nidal Sa’oo
  45. Amir Qadamani

Lawyer Mahmoud explained that the police decided to transfer Mohammad Abu Ghannam, Abdullah Abu Ghannam, Kifah Abulhawa, Amir Rabah Hadreh and Daoud Mousa Abulhawa to be presented to the Magistrate Court in the next few hours.

Mohammad Bassam Sayyad with clearly bruises and wounded after being assaulted by the occupation soldiers.