The Minister of Internal Security agrees to release the detained bodies of Jerusalemite Martyrs and the police will decide where to bury them
June 13, 2016

The Minister of Internal Security and public prosecution agreed to release the bodies of Palestinian bodies without setting any deadlines.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the public prosecution responded today to the appeal he had submitted to the Supreme Court saying that after the Minister of Internal Security and police discussed all the procedures that came with releasing Martyrs’ bodies, they agreed to release the bodies to their families on conditions that will be set by the police which will reflect on the number of people participating in the funeral, depositing an amount of money to ensure commitment to the conditions and burying the bodies at night immediately after receiving them. Another condition was also added which gives the police the option to choose the Islamic cemetery where the bodies will be buried and also the location of the funeral; basically giving the police complete control over the releasing procedures.

Lawyer Mahmoud added that the late reply by the prosecution came without setting any deadlines to the releasing process which adds some mystery to the Martyrs’ case in an attempt to mislead the court.

The lawyer had submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court requesting the release of the bodies of 7 Palestinians Martyrs after they had been detained for months in the occupation’s freezers and after the Minister of Internal Security issued a decision to stop the process of releasing Martyrs’ bodies claiming that the Martyrs’ families did not commit to the releasing conditions. The court requested the public prosecution to respond to the appeal before 9/6/2016 and asked them to explain their actions after the Court had recommended releasing the bodies before the month of Ramadan.