Sentencing a child…extensions of arrest
June 14, 2016

The Magistrate judge sentenced a Jerusalemite child and extended the arrest of several young men and children including Bilal Abu Ghannam until 11/7/2016 for sentencing.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Magistrate judge sentenced the child Abed Salloum for 10 months of actual imprisonment, a 3-thousand NIS fine and a suspended probation of 4 months for three years.

Extending the arrest of children

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the District judge extended the arrest of Rami Mheisen until 14/7/2016, Adham Ja’abees until 12/9/2016 for sentencing, Khader Qunbar and Mohammad Abed until 20/9/2016, Odai Yousef until 26/6/2016, Mo’nes Idkeidek until 11/9/2016, Mohammad Mheisen until 26/6/2016 for sentencing, Mohammad Halseh until 28/6/2016, Ibrahim Zghayyar until 30/10/2016 and Ali Aweisat until 15/6/2016.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud also explained a session was held for the child Malek Sroor, Nader Abdo and Tawfiq Abu Dheim where the indictments against them was modified; the judge extended their arrest until 26/9/2016 for sentencing.

Extending the arrest of young men

Lawyer Mahmoud added that the judge scheduled a session of Alawi Risheq on 20/6/2016 and extended the arrest of Mohammad Bader until 28/6/2016, Haitham Khweis until 19/7/2016, Abed Abu Syameh and Ahmad Mahmoud until 12/7/2016, Basel Abu Diab and Hasan Safadi until 19/6/2016.

The lawyer added that the judge also extended the arrest of Ammar Hadreh and Mohammad Natsheh until 16/6/2016 and Shadi Aweisat until 15/6/2016.

The police arrested 40-year old Khader Abu Khdeir on Tuesday afternoon from the neighborhood of Shu’fat north of Jerusalem.

Prisoner Bilal Abu Ghannam

In a related matter, lawyer Mahmoud explained that a hearing session was held for his client Bilal Abu Ghannam in which the public prosecution requested to sentence him for three life sentenced and 70 years as well as imposing high fines on him; the judge extended his arrest until 11/7/2016 for sentencing.

Prisoner Abu Ghannam is accused of carrying out a dual attack “stabbing and shooting” inside an Israeli bus last October which led to the death of three settlers.

Arresting one of Al-Aqsa guards

The occupation forces arrested Mahmoud Abu Rmeileh, one of Al-Aqsa Mosque’s guards, while he was working inside the Mosque concurrently with settlers’ break-ins into Al-Aqsa. While detained in Al-Silsileh Gate police stations, the police confiscated two rings from him that had the words “No God but Allah” written on them; the police claimed that these words are inciting slogans.