Pictures: The occupation’s organizations raid Wadi Hilweh playground in Silwan and carry out excavation works under the pretext of “infrastructure”
June 16, 2016

Joint crews of municipality employees, Antiquities department and Special Forces raided on Thursday Wadi Hilweh playground in Silwan under the pretext of carrying out infrastructure repairs.

Wadi Hilweh Committee explained that employees from the occupation municipality and Antiquities department along with representatives from Elad settlement organization raided the playground of Wadi Hilweh on Thursday afternoon under the pretext of carrying out infrastructure repairs. They did some excavations without presenting any permit allowing them to work in that area; Special Forces were also present during the raid.

The committee pointed out that the locals confronted them in the morning and prevented them from entering the playground when an employee of Elad settlement organization verbally insulted the locals and threatened them if they continued their actions.

The committee doubted the real reason behind raiding the land and sweeping it especially that no official permit was shown to them. The committee also pointed out that several tunnel were dug underneath the playground.

The committee also mentioned that the land of Wadi Hilweh playground is privately owned by Siam family and was leased to Madaa Creative Center and was turned into a playground and a playing area for children while the area if being neglected by the occupation municipality and lacks any public parks or playing areas for children. The occupation authorities are attempting to confiscate the land to open a road for the settlers in the area and connect the area of Wadi Hilweh with Wadi Al-Rababeh reaching the neighborhood of Al-Thori in Silwan.