Arresting lawyer Mohammad Alayan on charges of “membership in a terrorist organization”…extensions of arrest and releases
June 27, 2016
  • Mohammad Alayan – Martyr Baha’ Alayan’s father

The occupation forces arrested on Monday lawyer Mohammad Alayan, father of Martyr Baha’ Alayan whose body has been detained in the occupation’s freezers for the past 8 months.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the occupation intelligence is still interrogating Alayan on charges of membership in a terrorist organization.

The forces also arrested on Tuesday 16-year old Saed Mohammad Naser after raiding his home in the village of Esawyeh.

Also, Maher Mhalwes who is a resident of the neighborhood of Bab Hutta in the Old City of Jerusalem was arrested by the occupation forces on Tuesday.

Prison sentences

The District judge recently sentenced Naeem Abu Sara for six and a half years of actual imprisonment, a 5-thousand NIS fine and a suspended probation of 18 months for 3 years.

Also, the judge sentenced Mahmoud Mheisen for 5 months of actual imprisonment, a 3600-NIS fine and a suspended probation of 4 months for three years.

Ahmad Mohammad Salaymeh was sentenced for 5 months of public service, a 3-thousand NIS fine and a suspended probation  of 4 months for three years while Tamer Salaymeh was sentenced for three months of public service, a 3-thousand NIS fine and a suspended probation  of 4 months for three years.

The judge also sentenced Amjad Salaymeh for a suspended probation of 4 months for three years, a 100-hours course and a 3-thousand NIS fine.

Extensions of arrest

On the other hand, the judge extended the arrest of the minors Mahdi Abu Ghannam and Sultan Khweis until 14/9/2016 and the public prosecution submitted an indictment against 14-year old Wassim Dari and the judge extended his arrest until 20/9/2016.

The judge also extended the arrest of Basel Mheisen until 20/9/2016, Odai Yousef Obeid until 19/7/2016, Ahmad Za’tari until 10/7/2016 and extended the duration of detaining him inside an internal institution for one extra month, Majd Risheq until 28/6/2016, Malek Hijazi until 11/7/2016, Mohammad Abu Ghannam until 18/7/2016, Mustafa Abu Qteish and Mohammad Issa until 20/9/2016 for sentencing, Adham Za’tari until 26/9/2016, Mohammad Suleiman until 13/9/2016 and Mohammad Abu Nijmeh until 30/6/2016.


The occupation police decided to release Samer Mleihat with a 300-NIS bail, a third-party bail of 5 thousand NIS and house-arrest for 5 days.

Also, the police unconditionally released the child Mohammad Ashraf Kufor Ani and Nader Mheisen.