The occupation forces arrest 10 Jerusalemites including a journalist
July 3, 2016

The occupation authorities continued their series of arrests in the city of Jerusalem after forming a special unit at Al-Qishleh police center which is focused only on executing arrests in the city.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Israeli forces arrested Ahmad Mohammad Abu Ghazaleh (50), Mohammad Yousef Abdel Ghani (41), journalist Amjad Taher Arafeh (36), Amjad Mahmoud Abdel Ghani (17), Nour Salim Shalabi (18), Laith Salim Shalabi (15) and Mohammad Abdel Samee’ Jaber (17).

Amjad Abu Asab, head of Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee, explained that the Israeli forces arrested Shadi Sider, Jihad Salem and Ma’moon Hashim.

All the detainees are from the Old City of Jerusalem except for Arafaeh who is from Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan.

On the other hand, the Magistrate judge extended on Saturday night the arrest of Adnan Karaki and Mohammad Ra’fat Basbous until Monday and also extended the arrest of Sami Asi (16) who was arrested on Friday night from the area of Damascus Gate; he is from Kufor Aqab.