Transferring the case of detained Martyrs’ bodies to the legal advisor of the government
July 4, 2016

A session was held last Monday at the Israeli Supreme Court regarding the detained Martyrs’ bodies. After hearing the deliberations of the families’ lawyer and public prosecutions, the judges decided to transfer the case to the government’s legal advisor to find a solution.

The lawyer of the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the Supreme Court requested the public prosecution to discuss the case of detained Martyrs’ bodies with the government’s legal advisor to reach an agreement and gave them until July 11th to respond. The families will have the right to respond to the legal advisor through their lawyer on the next day (July 12th) and the court will then make its decision.

Lawyer Mahmoud confirmed during the session that the Martyrs’ families agreed and were committed to the conditions imposed on them by the police and Israeli intelligence while burying their sons. The family of Martyr Abu Jamal was also committed to the rules since the moment of receiving the body until burying it in the village’s cemetery; the claims made about not abiding to the rules and incitement during the funeral were untrue. The number of participants in the funeral was in accordance with the agreement made with the police and was not violated by the family while the gathering of young men was outside the cemetery near the Mosque.

The lawyer refused to respond to the public prosecution when talking about the Cabinet’s decision not to release the Martyrs’ bodies and bury them in the “numbers cemetery” as this decision was only turned in two hours before the court session.

The judges confirmed on the importance of not mixing recent events with the detention of Martyrs’ bodies and to take into consideration the Martyrs’ families and the duration of detaining their sons’ bodies.

The Israeli Supreme Court had recommended at the beginning of last May to release the Martyrs’ bodies before the month of Ramadan but the Minister of Internal Security “Gilad Ardan” ordered to stop releasing the bodies at the end of last May claiming that Abu Jamal family had violated the releasing conditions during the funeral of their son Ala’ Abu Jamal. An appeal was submitted to the court against the Minister’s decision. Few weeks later, Ardan responded to the appeal and agreed to continue releasing the bodies of detained Martyrs and conditioned the police to set the location where the bodies will be buried; the occupation authorities are still detaining the bodies of 12 Martyrs in their freezers.