The occupation authorities confiscate ancient archaeological goods from Al-Hroob store for artifacts
July 10, 2016

The Israeli Antiquities Department confiscated on Sunday morning ancient archaeological goods from the store of Nabil Al-Hroob for artifacts in Al-Wad Street in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Nabil explained that employees of the Israeli Antiquities Department along with Israeli police, borders control and Special Forces surprisingly raided and surrounded his store on Sunday morning and starting emptying it out without informing him of the reason and without prior notice.

He added that his store contains ancient archaeological goods in which some of them are more than four thousand years old. He confirmed that he has all the necessary permits and documents from the Israeli departments and authorities and that he legally imports his goods and also pays all taxes and fees imposed on him by the Israeli authorities.

He explained that one of the workers told him that the reason behind the raid was “illegally selling antiquities” but he declined those claims and confirmed that all of his transactions are legal and licensed by the Israeli authorities. It is noteworthy that his store has been established since the 1970’s.