A decision to conduct an autopsy on the body of Martyr Anwar Salaymeh…extending the arrest of Risheq and Nassar
July 13, 2016

The occupation intelligence decided on Wednesday night to conduct an autopsy on the body of 22-year old Martyr Anwar Falah Salaymeh while the Magistrate judge extended the arrest of 20-year old Fares Khader Risheq and 20-year old Mohammad Nassar until Thursday.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained in a statement that the intelligence decided to conduct an autopsy on Martyr Salaymeh who passed away after the occupation soldiers opened fire towards his vehicle while driving in the village of Al-Ram along with his two friends; Risheq and Nassar. The family agreed to the autopsy decision on condition of the presence of a Palestinian doctor especially that the pictures showed that the Martyr was injured with three bullets in his back.

Lawyer Mahmoud added that no talks have been made about the date of releasing the body.

He also added that the Magistrate judge decided to extend the arrest of Risheq and Nassar until Thursday. They were presented to the judge on Wednesday night on charges of “participating in the attempt of a run-over attack against borders control individuals in the village of Al-Ram”; the two young men denied the charges and confirmed they were on their to the bakery in the area.

The lawyer added that Risheq is in stable condition despite suffering an injury in the head.

Medical sources have announced on Wednesday early morning the Martyrdom of Salaymeh and the injury of Risheq as well as the arrest of an injured young man (Nassar) after the occupation soldiers opened fire towards a Palestinian vehicle in the village of Al-Ram north of Jerusalem.

The spokesman of the Israeli army claimed that the occupation forces along with borders control individuals busted a metal workshop for manufacturing weapons in Al-Ram. During the operation, the borders control individuals monitored a speeding vehicle heading towards them and felt they were at risk and opened fire which led to the Martyrdom of one passenger and the injury of another who was transferred for treatment while the third was arrested and transferred for interrogation.