The occupation forces arrest two children from Shu’fat and renew the administrative arrest of a young man…extensions of arrest
July 24, 2016

The occupation forces arrested two children from the neighborhood of Shu’fat north of Jerusalem.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Israeli forces arrested Adam Abu Khdeir and Mahmoud Mohammad Abu Khdeir from Shu’fat and transferred them for interrogation.

Renewal of administrative arrest

On the other hand, the occupation authorities renewed the administrative arrest imposed on Ahmad Abu Mayaleh for 3 more months as explained by lawyer Mahmoud.

Extensions of arrest

The lawyer added that the judge extended the arrest of the children Qusai Dari,, Adam Mahmoud, Mohammad Atyeh, Mohammad Suleiman and Anas Abu Asab and the youth Mohammad Jalal Mahmoud and Anwar Obeid until 25/7/2016.

The judge also extended the arrets of the minor Munir Mheisen until 3/8/2016 when the so-called “conduct officer” will release his report, Sami Asi until 8/9/2016 for sentencing, Wadi’ Alayan and Ahmad Abulhawa and Anas Dirbas until 2/8/2016.

Also, the judge extended the arrest of Seif Abdel Nabi until 27/7/2016 and Ata Awadallah until 24/7/2016.


The judge decided to release Daoud Atyeh with a 750-NIS bail, house-arrest for 5 days and a third-party bail, and released Mohammad Karslyeh on condition of house-arrest for 5 days and a third-party bail.

Also, Abdullah Mustafa was released on condition of house-arrest until 28/7/2016 and a third-party bail.