Pictures: The occupation municipality orders Abdel Naser Qaraeen to self-demolish a residential room
July 24, 2016

Abdel Naser Qaraeen, a resident of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan, self-demolished a residential room in his house in order to avoid paying demolition costs to the occupation municipality.

Qaraeen explained that the municipality issued an order to demolish a residential room he had built several years ago for his son Odai. The municipality gave him until the 4th of August to self-demolish the room or they will demolish it and impose a fine on him for illegally building a room in addition to the demolition costs.

Qaraeen added that he built the room 5 years ago and has been working on it from the inside every now and then in order to prepare it for his son Odai.

He also explained that the municipality scheduled a session on 26/9/2016 to ensure the demolition of the room and set the fine for building without a permit; note that the room is only 22 square meters.

The local committee of Wadi Hilweh said that the municipality is harassing Qaraeen for building a small room like many others in the city of Jerusalem while settlers are allowed to build and expand their established buildings without any type of harassment.