Sur Baher: the occupation authorities demolish a car dealership and two containers
August 2, 2016

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Tuesday early morning a car dealership and two containers in the village of Sur Baher under the pretext of building in a land confiscated by the Israeli Lands Department. 

The owners of the land were surprised by a banner in their land saying: “State of Israel- Israeli Lands Department- No Entrance- Violations are on your own responsibility”.

The car dealership is owned by Mohammad Alayan. He explained that municipality crews raided his dealership at 4 a.m. and completely surrounded it. They stormed-in without him being there and started demolishing it and confiscating some of its contents; they also swept the land. He confirmed that the demolition operation took place without prior notice.

He added that the dealership is established on a 600-square meters land. The property is built from wood and also has a 30-square meters room (bus on wheels) which does not need any permits according to the Israeli law.

Alayan added that the dealership has been established for a year and a half and 6 individuals live off it. He had submitted the required documents to obtain a license.

He also pointed out that the municipality confiscated a vehicle and an air conditioning unit from the dealership during the demolition operation which was executed on the contents of the office.

The bulldozers also demolished two containers owned by Al-Atrash family in the village.