Arresting four Jerusalemites from the village of Al-Tur…extensions of arrest
August 3, 2016

The occupation forces arrested on Wednesday early morning four Jerusalemites after raiding their homes in the village of Al-Tur in Jerusalem.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Israeli forces arrested Seif Eddin Maher Abu Jom’a (21) and his 18-year old brother Amir, Kamal Mohammad Alami (20) and Yousef Issa Abu Jom’a (17).

The forces also arrested the freed prisoner Sam Al-A’raj after stopping him at the checkpoint of Shu’fat refugee camp.

On the other hand, the Israeli judges extended the arrest of Wadi’ Alayan, Ahmad Abulhawa, Anas Dirbas, Nabil Sider, Zakaria Bakri, Ahmad Odeh and Mustafa Abu Hummos until 9/8/2016, Mohammad Abbasi until 14/8/2016, Mohammad Halayqa until 22/8/2016, Mohammad Mheisen until completing the legal procedures against him, Yousef Falah until 5/8/2016, Yazan N’aji and Ali Atyeh until 6/10/2016, Mouath Abed Rabbo until 21/9/2016, Ata Awadallah until 10/10/2016 and Ali Zahdeh until 14/8/2016.

The District Court confirmed the administrative arrest imposed on Ahmad Abu Mayaleh until 25/10/2016.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud added that the District Court approved the appeal submitted by the public prosecution against the sentence issued against prisoner Ali Mheisen and increased it from 8 months to 12 months; it also refused the appeal submitted against the sentence of Yousef Alayan and kept it at 6 months and one day.

The judge sentenced Amir Dirbas for 6 months and one day of actual imprisonment in addition to a suspended probation of three months for three years.

The police also released on Tuesday night Majdi Abu Nab, Muntaser Abu Nab, Sabri Alami and Mohammad Abdelrahman; they were arrested after raiding the Middle Neighborhood in Silwan.