After 7 months under house arrest, a Jerusalemite child turns himself in to serve a 10-month prison sentence
August 8, 2016

The Jerusalemite minor Ahmad Mohammad Sweilem turned himself-in on Tuesday to Al-Ramleh prison to serve a 10-month prison sentence on charges of throwing stones towards the light rail in the neighborhood of Shu’fat north of Jerusalem.

Sweilem explained that he was arrested at the beginning of last November after being requested for interrogations. He was accused of throwing stones towards the light rail in Shu’fat and was transferred in between Al-Maskobyeh and Giv’on police centers for nearly 40 days. The judge then decided to release him on conditions of a bail, house-arrest and deportation from his home in Shu’fat to Beit Hanina.

Sweilem explained that the District judge sentenced him in July to 10 months of actual imprisonment and ordered him to turn himself in on Tuesday 9/8/2016 to Al-Ramleh prison to serve his sentence.

In regards to the house-arrest period, he said: “House arrest is very tough, you can’t leave your house and time passes by very slow only to get sentenced for actual imprisonment afterwards. The house turns into a prison and we get deprived from our simplest rights of playing and movement during the house-arrest.”

Sweilem added: “I spent two months away from my family and house in Shu’fat and it was very hard. I was then allowed to go home but the occupation conditioned my father to stay with me while I’m under house-arrest which really affected my father’s work.”