Arresting a child from Silwan…extensions of arrest…conditional release
August 9, 2016

The occupation forces arrested on Tuesday night 16-year old Ibrahim Ismaeel Al-Ghoul after raiding his relative’s house in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan.

Witnesses explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the occupation forces raided the house of Ali Al-Ghoul in Ras Al-Amoud and arrested Ibrahim Al-Ghoul. They detained him inside the police vehicle for one hour and unconditionally released him afterwards.

Extensions of arrest

On the other hand, lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the judge extended the arrest of the minors Nabil Sider and Zakaria Bakri until 28/9/2016, Ahmad Odeh until 21/8/2016, Qusai Dari until 8/9/2016.

He also extended the arrest of Yassin Abu Nab until 10/8/2016 and Seif Abdel Nabi until 12/8/2016.

The lawyer also explained that the judge extended the arrest of the children Wadi’ Alayan, Ahmad Abulhawa, Anas Dirbas and Mustafa Abu Hummos as well as the young men Mohammad Abu Khdeir and Nasr Abu Khdeir until completing the legal procedures against them.

Conditional release

The judge released the child Munir Mheisen on condition of house-arrest and deportation to the neighborhood of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem as well as a 10-thousand NIS bail; a session was scheduled for him on 20/9/2016.