Ala’ Qaraeen talks about being assaulted by the occupation soldiers
August 12, 2016


The 45-year old Ala’ Qaraeen was injured with several bruises after being assaulted by the occupation forces in Ein Al-Lozeh Street in Silwan.

Qaraeen narrated what happened with him on Thursday night and said: “The Israeli police established a checkpoint in Ein Al-Lozeh Street and started stopping vehicles and searching them as well as checking passengers’ IDs in a provocative way. When I arrived to the searching point, the policeman told me that the road is closed and passing through is prohibited”.
Qaraeen added: “I was stopped for one hour and suddenly a patrol came and one soldier asked me for my ID, license and car insurance claiming that I am blocking traffic. When I headed towards the policeman to talk to him, they assaulted and severely beat me for no reason.”

He continued: “The soldiers hit me on my head and limbs and I was dragged on the ground. I was left for more than one hour with no treatment and with nobody next to me.”

Qaraeen said he called Magen David Adom ambulance five times but they never came to transfer him to the hospital.

After the police left the area, the Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance arrived and transferred him to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital.

Qaraeen explained he underwent the necessary checkups at the hospital which revealed several bruises in his body.