The administration of Nafha prison assault prisoners and their families
August 17, 2016

The administration of Nafha prison assaulted on Wednesday the prisoners and their families during a visit.

The prisoners families committee explained in a statement that the administration of Nafha prison assaulted the families of Jerusalemite prisoners during a visit to their sons and beat five Jerusalemite prisoners (Samer Rajabi, Ammar Rajabi, Usama Rajabi, Obada Dandis and Nafez Ghrouf) after they had objected to the humiliating procedures their families had to go through to visit them. The prisoners also requested to allow all families banned from visiting their sons to enter.

The committee also said that at the end of the visit a group of Special Forces individuals along with police dogs attacked the five prisoners inside the visiting area and in front of the families. They handcuffed them using force and threatened the families to ban them from visiting their sons for a long time if they don’t immediately leave the room.

The committee also explained that the prisoners’ families took a bus on Wednesday morning on their own expense to visit their sons in Nafha prison. The administration deliberately assaulted the families by only allowing half of them to enter the visiting area after passing all security procedures and after a long wait. An officer then came and requested the families to leave claiming that their sons are not concerned about the visit; his claims were falsified by the prisoners and their families. In the outside courtyard, Special Forces individuals were located and they requested the families to immediately leave the prison and threatened to suppress and arrest them if they don’t obey.

The families held the administration of the Red Cross responsible for what happened in terms of willful negligence in providing busses, coordinating visits and monitoring them which opened the door for the prison’s administration to harass and humiliate prisoners and their families.

The families organized a sit-in at the Red Cross headquarters in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem with heavy presence of occupation police.