After detaining his body for 5 months, releasing the body of Martyr Mohammad Kaloti amid strict security procedures
August 17, 2016

The occupation authorities released the body of 21-year old Martyr Mohammad Jamal Kaloti to his family amid strict security procedures to bury him in Herod’s Gate Cemetery after his body was detained since the 9th of last March in the occupation’s freezers.

The occupation forces turned the cemetery and the surrounding streets into a military camp and closed the roads and deployed their forces in the streets and inside the cemetery during the releasing process and funeral.

The lawyer of prisoners’ affairs, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that releasing the body of Martyr Kaloti was in accordance with the agreement signed with the Israeli intelligence and the conditions set by them. The funeral took place with the presence of 25-30 people and the family deposited an amount of money to ensure commitment to the rules and conditions.

The lawyer added that negotiations are currently taking place to release the rest of the Martyrs’ bodies detained without setting any timelines.

Martyr Mohamamd Kaloti passed away on the 9th of last March with Martyr Abdel Malek Abu Khroub after they were shot in the area of New Gate- one of the Old City’s gates.

The legal advisor of the Israeli government said on Wednesday night that he objects the decision of the Minister of Security to detain the bodies of Palestinian Martyrs as a way of punishing the Martyrs’ families.

He said that the policy followed by the Minster of Security is an unacceptable policy and every Martyr should be considered as a separate case. He said that the bodies should be released if security measures are achieved.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud, said that the decision of the government’s legal advisor came after the Israeli Supreme Court ordered last month the police and public prosecution to discuss the case of Martyrs’ bodies with the legal advisor to make a decision.

After releasing the body of Martyr Kaloti, the occupation authorities continue to detain the bodies of 15 Palestinian Martyrs where the body of Martyr Thaer Abu Ghazaleh has been detained the longest; the policy of detaining Martyrs’ bodies started at the beginning of the popular uprising last October.