Arrests…extensions of arrest…releasing the father of a Jerusalemite prisoner
August 23, 2016

The occupation forces arrested two children from the village of Esawyeh on Tuesday morning.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Israeli forces arrested 15-year old Karim Naser Atyeh and 17-year old Mohammad Abdel Ra’ouf Mahmoud.

In a related matter, the Israeli police released on Monday Fakhri Abdo, father of prisoner Sufian Abdo, on condition of house-arrest for 5 days after interrogating him for several hours at Al-Maskobyeh police station while Sufian will be presented to court on Tuesday. It is noteworthy that Sufian was released nearly a week ago after spending 14 years in the occupation’s prisons.

The occupation forces arrested on Monday night 22-year old Safwan Jamal Amro, Ashraf Issam Abbasi and Mohammad Wael Da’na from Silwan.

The occupation intelligence requested on Monday Aktham Sbeih from the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber for interrogation and extended his arrest to present him to court on Tuesday.

The judge extended on Monday the arrest of the children Yousef Abu Jom’a, Nabil Sider, Zakaria Bakri until completing the legal procedures against them.