Martyr Abdel Malek Abu Khroub buried in Jerusalem…and continuing to detain the bodies of 4 Jerusalemite Martyrs
August 23, 2016

The body of 19-year old Martyr Abdel Malek Abu Khroub was buried in the city of Jerusalem after Tuesday midnight after being detained in the occupation’s freezers at “Abu Kbeir Institute” for five months.

The occupation authorities turned the surrounding of Al-Mujahedeen Cemetery in Salah Eddin Street into a “military camp” by deploying Special Forces, intelligence, Calvary units and police in the streets. They prevented anyone from walking in the street next to the cemetery and prevented locals and journalists from gathering in the area of Herod’s Gate; one policeman took pictures of the people present in the area.

After midnight, the occupation intelligence released the body of Martyr Abu Khroub to his family. The lawyer of Prisoners affairs commission, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the releasing process took place in the presence of 25 family members and the family was forces to deposit 20 thousand NIS to ensure commitment to the rules and conditions set by the Israeli authorities; the family was able to conduct the funeral procedures and bury the Martyr.

The occupation authorities prevented anyone from the Martyr’s family from conducting an interview with the media.

Martyr Abu Khroub passed away on March 9th in the area of New Gate in Jerusalem along with Martyr Mohammad Kaloti who was buried in the same cemetery last week.

After releasing the bodies of Mohammad Kaloti and Abdel Malek Abu Khroub, the occupation authorities are still detaining the bodies of 13 Palestinian Martyrs who passed away since the beginning of the popular uprising. Among them are 4 Jerusalemite Martyrs, they are: Thaer Abu Ghazaleh, Baha’ Alayan, Abdel Muhsen Hassouneh and Mohammad Abu Khalaf.