A settler assaults a young man from Silwan and injures him with fractures and bruises
August 24, 2016

A settler assaulted last Tuesday 20-year old Murad Ghassan Rajabi and severely beat him in the neighborhood of Al-Sharaf in the Old City of Jerusalem. The young man was injured with fractures in his nose and wounds in his face in addition to bruises in his neck.

Murad Rajabi explained that he was heading to his previous work location (restaurant) to collect the rest of his financial dues. Upon arrival, the owner asked him to bring the keys he had. He said: “I brought the keys and when I arrived to the restaurant on my motorbike, I was surprised by one Jewish worker attacking me. He pulled me off the bike and hit me on my face and neck. I fell on the ground and he continued attacking me. I was not able to stand up or walk and was really exhausted.”

Rajabi added that a young man arrived to the area as well as a policeman. An ambulance was called and he was transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital for treatment. Fractures in his nose, wounds in his face and bruises in his neck were revealed.

After receiving treatment at the hospital, Rajabi surprisingly received a phone call from Al-Qishleh police center to interrogate him on charges of assaulting a Jewish man and threatening to run him over with his motorbike. Rajabi explained that he went to Al-Qishleh police station and found out that the settler had files a claim against him. He declined all charges and showed them the medical reports he had. He also explained that a policeman arrived at the area where he was assaulted and told him to file a claim against the settler after receiving treatment.

Rajabi added that the police released him late Tuesday night on conditions of isolation from Al-Sharaf neighborhood for two weeks and not to talk to the assailant settler for one month.