Injured with wounds and bruises…releasing the child Jamal Za’tari
September 4, 2016

The occupation police unconditionally released on Saturday night 16-year old Jamal Za’tari.

Israeli forces had arrested Za’tari on Friday night from the village of Al-Tur after assaulting him with pepper gas and severely beating him; they also verbally insulted him.

Za’tari said: “While I was in the village of Al-Tur, Special Forces personnel approached me and checked my ID and searched me. They verbally insulted me and when I objected, they surrounded me and started assaulting and hitting me on my head, face and back before spraying me with pepper gas.”

He added: “I was transferred to Bet Aort settlement in Al-Sowaneh where I was hit on my face and legs where I previously had surgery. When I told the officer that I have medical issues, they stepped away from me and they took me to the street across from the settlement where I was strip-searched.”

He continued: “The forces then took me to Salah Eddin Street police station and I was interrogated on charges of obstructing police work and assaulting a policeman. I declined all charges as the signs of assault were clear on my face.”

He explained that he was then transferred to Al-Maskobyeh police center and was released on Saturday night unconditionally.

Za’tari pointed out that he suffered cuts and wounds in his back and face in addition to multiple bruises.