One Martyr and another injured…stories denying their attempt to carry out a run-over attack
September 5, 2016

Witnesses explained that the two young men were passing in Anata Street-Shu’fat refugee camp- after midnight in their private vehicle at the same time when occupation forces raided the refugee camp to arrest a young man. Clashes broke out in the area between young men and occupation forces that were heavily deployed in the area. When the vehicle passed by, multiple shots were fired towards the front windshield and led to the immediate martyrdom of Mustafa Nimer while the driver was injured.

The Martyr’s mother explained that her son had gone to his brother’s house along with his brother in law. When the Israeli forces opened fire towards their vehicle, they had food with them and his brother in law had bought new clothes for his daughter which falsifies the occupation’s claims that they had attempted to run-over Israeli soldiers.

A witness, Nazek Gheith, explained that she had stepped on her balcony after hearing gunshots and the soldier were surrounding the vehicle and were opening fire towards it.

Gheith explained that the soldiers opened the driver’s door and forced him to get out before dragging him on the ground. They were insulting him and threatening to shoot him in the head. They forced him to take off his pants and did not provide him with first-aid and the ambulance never came. A military vehicle then arrived and transferred him towards the checkpoint of Shu’fat refugee camp; the young man was saying “I didn’t do anything”.

The other young man remained inside the vehicle without any attempt to get him out. When the military vehicle arrived, he was taken outside and transferred towards the checkpoint.