The occupation confesses: Martyr Nimer and his brother-in-law did not attempt to run over soldiers
September 6, 2016

The occupation police requested the family of Martyr Mustafa Talal Nimer last Tuesday to come to Nabi Yaakov police station in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem only to confess that their son did not attempt to run over Israeli soldiers and was shot by mistake.

The occupation authorities released last Tuesday the body of Martyr Mustafa Nimer to his family after detaining it for one week in their freezers. Funeral was carried out after performing a prayer to the Martyr's soul at Shu'fat refugee camp's Mosque and he was buried in Anata Cemetery

The intelligence explained to the Martyr’s parents that their son did not attempt to run over the soldiers who raided the refugee camp and the incident was “criminal” not “security” related. He was with his brother-in-law who was driving an unlicensed vehicle and did not have a driving license.

The Martyr’s father added that the intelligence informed him that “Mahesh” unit is currently investigating the case and interrogating the soldiers who opened fire towards the vehicle.

He added that his son’s body that is currently detained at Abu Kbeir institute will be released after the autopsy. He will be buried in Anata Cemetery without setting any dates.

The father also added that the judge extended the arrest of 25-year old Ali Tayseer Nimer until Thursday on charges of “driving without a license”.