After 12 months under house arrest…sentencing a Jerusalemite child
September 8, 2016

The Magistrate judge sentenced on Thursday 13-year old Mohammad Nour Eddin Abu Nab to a 100-hour course and a 3000-NIS fine after he had spent 12 months under house arrest as explained by lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud.

Nour Eddin Abu Nab, the child’s father, explained that the occupation forces arrested his son a year ago from the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan and accused him of throwing stones towards the forces. After interrogating him for several hours, he was released on conditions of a bail and house arrest.

Abu Nab added that several hearing sessions were held for his son and the judge imposed house-arrest on him for the last 12 months; he was allowed to go to school only with a companion.

Regarding the house-arrest period, his father said: “House arrest was very difficult on a little child who wanted to play with his friends and get out of the house which turned into a prison. It affected his behavior making him nervous and angry. We tried to provide him with his needs to make up for the house-arrest he was under.”

He added: “His mother and I turned into wardens. We watched him all day because we were worried about him and didn’t want to leave him alone. I moved my job from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem so I can be close to him.”