Postponing the discussion regarding demolishing the houses of the killers of Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir
September 22, 2016

The Israeli Supreme Court’s judges postponed last Thursday the discussion around the appeal submitted in reference to demolishing the houses of the killers of Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir until November under the pretext of not informing the killers about the appeal in addition to informing their families since they will be the ones affected in case the appeal gets approved.

The family of Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir submitted last July an appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court through their lawyer Mohannad Jbara who recently sent a copy of the appeal to the prisons’ administration which should inform the three killers. The lawyer of one the killers attended the court session in addition to the main killer, Yousef Ben David, who claimed to only be informed about the appeal last Wednesday.

Lawyer Mohannad Jbara explained that he submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court after the Israeli Minister of Security refused to demolish the houses of the three settlers under the pretext that “terrorism is different from Arab terrorism” and demolishing killers’ houses is a way of deterring others and not a punishment. The Minister said there is no need to demolish the settlers’ houses because what happened was an individual act and not a widespread phenomenon in the Jewish community. He said that this crime also shocked Israelis showing that terrorist attacks are not common in the Jewish community.

The family of Martyr Abu Khdeir had submitted a request to the Israeli Minister of Security to demolish the killers’ houses and also requested the Israeli Minister of Interior to suspend the citizenship of the settlers. The lawyer explained that the convictions and sentences issued against the killers of Abu Khdeir showed that the attack was carried out from an ideological perspective only because Abu Khdeir is an Arab Palestinian and this crime could not be classified anything but pure terrorism according to article “1 A” from the Israeli law to prevent the financing of terrorism for the year 2005 which gives the Israeli Minister of Interior and Minister of Security the right to immediately work on the demolition of the killers’ houses and suspension of their citizenships.