The Martyrdom of Nasib Abu Meizar at Qalandia checkpoint…and requesting his brother for interrogation
October 1, 2016

The 28-year old Nasib Emran Abu Meizar passed away on Friday night after being shot at Qalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem.

According to the occupation’s statement, the young man stabbed a policeman and critically injured him before he was shot and critically injured.

Witnesses explained that Abu Meizar was left on the ground bleeding as medical crews were only concerned about treating the injured policeman.

The Palestinian Red Crescent explained that the occupation forces prevented its medical crews from reaching Qalandia checkpoint and the young man and the Israeli authorities detained his body.

Abu Meizar family explained that the occupation forces requested the Martyr’s brother, Najib Abu Meizar, and interrogated him for several hours before releasing him on Saturday early morning.

Abu Meizar is a resident of the neighborhood of Kufor Aqab north of Jerusalem.