An indictment against 6 Palestinians including charges of forming a cell for ISIS…extensions of arrest…releases…and isolations from Al-Aqsa Mosque
October 2, 2016

The public prosecution submitted to the District Court on Sunday an indictment against 6 Palestinians from Shu’fat refugee camp and the village of Anata accusing them of attempting to join ISIS and carry out attacks in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

They are: Ahmad Shweiki (29), Mahmoud Hindyeh (27), Ammar Bayya’ (32), Mohammad Hmeid (33) and Yousef Al-Sheikh Omar (29) from Shu’fat refugee camp and Saed Armeen (24) from the village of Anata.

Extensions of arrest

On the other hand, lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the judge extended the arrest of Mohammad Naji Abu Jom’a, Ahmad Rajabi, Mohammad Jaber Abbasi and Seif Abu Jom’a until Monday; they will be released with a 5-thousand NIS third-party bail for each.

The judge also extended the arrest of Karim Hawari until 9/10/2016, Mohammad Joulani and Salman Natsheh until 6/10/2016 and the child Omar Salhab until 8/11/2016 when the so-called conduct officer will release his report.

Also, the judge extended the arrest of Mahmoud Obeid, Mouamar Darwish and Mohammad Totah until completing the legal procedures against them


The judge decided to release Mohannad Anati, Mohammad Mimi, Bilal Anati, Mouayad Mheisen and Hammoudeh Qirri on condition of house-arrest for 7 days, a 1000-NIS bail and a third-party bail of 5 thousand NIS for each.

The judge also released Fouad Al-Qaq and his brother Ziad on condition of house-arrest for 5 days and a third-party bail for each.

Isolations from Al-Aqsa Mosque

The occupation authorities isolated on Sunday Zahra Qos from Al-Aqsa Mosque for two months; she is a nurse at Al-Aqsa clinics. They also isolated Yousef Mkheimar, head of Marabouts committee, for 4 months.

The judge also decided to release Misbah Abu Sbeih on condition of deportation from the Old City of Jerusalem for one month.

Prison sentences

Amjad Abu Asab, head of Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee, explained that the District Court recently sentenced three elderly for 14 months of actual imprisonment and a 15-thousand NIS fine for each after convicting them of staying inside Al-Aqsa Mosque, they are:

  • Khalil Mohammad Nimer Abbasi (58) from Silwan
  • Najib Ahmad Salem Kawasmi (61) from Silwan
  • Mohammad Jbareen (55) from Um Al-Fahem in the 1948 lands

The three prisoners were arrested on 23/3/2016 and were subject to long interrogation by the “Shabak” service at Petah Tikva interrogation center; they have been detained for 6 months.