Extending the arrest of Ayman Kurd…prison sentences…extensions of arrest…releases
October 5, 2016

The Magistrate judge extended on Wednesday the arrest of 20-year old Ayman Kurd until 10/10/2016.

The lawyer of prisoners’ affairs, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the Magistrate judge decided on Wednesday to extend the arrest of his client Ayman Kurd until 10/10/2016 to continue interrogating him on charges of stabbing two Israeli policemen in the area of Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem last month. The lawyer pointed out that this was the first time his client appeared before the judge since he was detained and injured; several absentia sessions were held for him while he was receiving treatment at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital. Ayman was brought to court on a wheelchair after being paralyzed due to the injuries he suffered.

Prison sentence

In a related matter, the judge sentenced Fadel Karaki for 6 years of actual imprisonment after being convicted of attempting to steal the weapon of a soldier and carry out an attack.

Extending the arrest of children

The judge extended the arrest of Yousef Abu Jom’a until 16/11/2016 (witnesses hearing session), Sultan Khweis until30/10/2016, Majd Mahmoud until 27/10/2016 and Haitham Aweidah until 6/10/2016.

Extending the arrest of young men

The judge also extended the arrest of Mahmoud Abed until 20/11/2016, Ahmad Rabay’a until 15/11/2016, Saleh Suboh until 11/10/2016, Mohammad Mousa Abbasi until 10/10/2016 and Mahmoud Najib until 6/10/2016.


The judge decided to release Ahmad Tartir, Fadi Eid and Ahmad Eid on condition of house-arrest for 5 days, a 500-NIS bail and a third-party bail for each.