Martyr who carried out the Jerusalemite shooting identified as Musbah Abu Sbeih
October 9, 2016

The 40-year old Jerusalemite activist Musbah Abu Sbeih passed away on Sunday morning after carrying out a shooting attack in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem resulting in the death of two Israelis and injury of several others.

Abu Sbeih was supposed to turn himself-in on Sunday morning to Al-Ramleh prison to serve a 4-month prison sentence on charges of "assaulting an Israeli policeman in the Old City of Jerusalem". Instead, Abu Sbeih opened fire towards the light rail station and occupation's Special Forces personnel which fired back and killed him. The occupation police later announced the death of 30-year old policeman and a 60-year old female settler in addition to the injury of 6 others.

Activist Abu Sbeih, also known as "Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem Lion", is a freed prisoner who spent a total of 39 months in the occupation's prisons after serving several sentences that varied between 2 months to 18 months. He was also stopped and detained several times in interrogation centers on charges of "defending Al-Aqsa Mosque" and was released at the end of last January after 12 months in prison on charges of "incitement on Facebook" after writing "We'll defend Al-Aqsa Mosque with our blood and soul".

A month ago, the Israeli Magistrate court sentenced Abu Sbeih for 4 months of actual imprisonment on charges of assaulting a policeman in the Old City of Jerusalem in 2013. After being recently released, he was surprised to find out that the assault case was opened again. According to the court's order, he was supposed to turn himself-in on mid-October but the Israeli intelligence called him and ordered him to turn himself on Sunday or otherwise he will he transferred to administrative arrest.

Since the 26th of last month, Abu Sbeih was arrested 5 times and the last time he was released was at the beginning on the current month and on condition of deportation from East Jerusalem. He also received a travel-ban order which ends at end of 2016. It is noteworthy that Martyr Abu Sbeih was banned from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque for the last 4 months.

After the shooting incident and Martyrdom of Abu Sbeih, the occupation forces arrested his brothers Tayseer Abu Sbeih, and his relatives Mouamar and Nabih Abu Sbeih. They also arrested the director of Prisoner's Club in Jerusalem, Naser Qos and also stormed in to the Martyr's house in the village of Al-Ram north of Jerusalem.

Commercial stores in the city of Jerusalem closed down to mourn the Martyrdom of Abu Sbeih and a state of tension occurred in the streets and neighborhood of Jerusalem.