The occupation forces arrest eyewitnesses to the Jerusalem shooting on charges of “recording and documenting the shooting and publishing it”
October 9, 2016

The occupation police arrested on Sunday five young Jerusalemite men after raiding a construction site in Sheikh Jarrah on charges of recording the shooting of the Martyr.

The lawyer of Prisoner’s Club, Mufeed Al-Hajj, explained that the Israeli forces arrested Ibrahim Suleiman Sandouka and his brother Mu’taz, Ramzi Mohammad Jo’beh, Mohammad Hani Mhalwes and Mustafa Aweidah and interrogate them regarding recording shooting the executor of the shooting incident in Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem; the young men are between 18-23 years old and the police extended their arrest until Monday.

Lawyer Al-Hajj added that the forces also arrested 35-year old Sharif Taha and 39-year old Samer Abu Qaddous from the Old City of Jerusalem and interrogated them regarding closing commercial stores in Jerusalem and extended their arrest until Monday.

Nihad Zghayyar was also arrested and was accused of “planning to carry out a criminal act” and the police extended his arrest until Monday. The lawyer explained that the intelligence requested Zghayyar for interrogation at Nabi Yaakov police station and was then transferred to Al-Maskobyeh police for interrogation.